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HMH Law Offices Helps Keep You Out of the Ontario Court System

Collaborative Family Law

When two parties are able to work together towards a mutually agreeable resolution, collaborative family law is a unique tool to assist in the separation process, with the goals being to stay out of court and to reach a Separation Agreement allowing the separating spouses to retain control over the process. Sometimes, other professionals are retained to assist in the process (such as a family coach or a financial advisor).

Stay Out of Court

All parties in the collaborative process sign a Participation Agreement that they will not issue a Court Application, and if any person does so, the lawyers involved cannot act in court. This agreement causes the separating spouses to feel like there is some sense of security that the process they have chosen will be successful.

Avoid the Rancour

Although not every case is right for the collaborative process, some spouses are perfectly suited to working together to achieve a separation that they authored and which suits their needs, as opposed to losing control and causing hurt if going through a long and drawn-out court process.

Contact the Experts

We involve family coaches and other professionals in this often delicate process. If you’re interested in learning more about collaborative family law, contact us today.